So Sad But True! Expecation Vs. Reality

#1 Couples Bath

You light the candles, pour in some bubbles, put on some soft music and pour some wine. Then you both undress and slide into the tub. To you, it looks good enough to make a sex tape, but the reality is ... well, you know.

#2 Kitty Love

Nothing is more heart warming than imaging cuddling with your cute little cat. You may want to tell the cat that in advance, because most likely your cuddle session will end up being painful.

#3 The Duck Face

Everyone does the duck face when they take a selfie. Maybe they are channeling Angelina Jolie. However, what they really look like when the post their pic is a deranged trout.

#4 Car Wash

When you picture girls washing your car, you imagine wet t-shirts, sexy bodies and lots of booty. What do you really get? Take a look at the bottom picture.

#5 Nerdy Girls

Nerdy girls are the new sexy. We think they are these gorgeous girls masked as a plain Jane. In reality, they are plain Janes and then some.