The Funniest Local News Screenshots

#1 Mustache Tra...Wait..

He must have been breaking the law. He ALREADY has a mustache! Isn't it a little suspicious how many mustaches he has? Where'd he get them? Hmm?

#2 The Best Day Ever!

What KGW news is really trying to say is, it could be worse. Now we can microwave our leftovers and rejoice in the fact that WE are not in that fire, and how cool it is that it could be worse.

It could be worse.

#3 Forced to Eat Beard

We didn't know there was a beard eating epidemic until this brave man spoke out. He is finally getting back to his normal life after a new beard transplant. #stopbeardbullying #bbqsauce

#4 VERY Suspicious

A flashlight during the DAY?! Outside in full sunlight?! No, something's not adding up.
Very suspicious indeed....

#5 Bad Timing

This is what local news gets when they try to get with current technology. Know your place, Local 15. Or at least know a tweet's place, which is not on a giant billboard.