Why We all Love Yoga Pants

#1 The Butt...

Let's face it, men love yoga pants on women. You won't catch many men in them, but you will definitely catch them staring at them when a fine looking lady walks out of her workout

#2 Nothing Can Hide

Yoga pants are like the brutal truth in clothing form. A girl who has put in time at the gym will get to show off her mASSterpiece, and those who haven't dare not wear the yoga pants.

#3 Good Lord Is that Real?

This has to be one of those Kim Kardashian implant jobs right? A butt like that either flew down from heaven, shedded its wings, and planted itself on this woman's backside or there are some enhancements in there.

#4 They're Comfier than a Tempur Pedic Bed

We are envious of those intense cyclists who wear full body skin tight pants every time they ride, because damn do they look comfortable. Yoga pants are basically the same idea, and while very revealing they are also about as comfy as it gets.

#5 There's No Faking

If we wanted to hold a Most Junk in the Trunk competition that was not degrading to women, we would have them simply wear yoga pants. Yoga pants are like a psychic, they reveal all.