Girls Who Can't Stop Tugging at Their Clothes

#1 Cuteness

Love the way she manages to tease while looking cute

#2 Chick Loves Sports, We Love Chicks

The only thing that can make a picture of a sexy chick with a great body tugging her shirt upward and her jeans downward is some sports memorabilia. Check and check.

#3 Tug Away

Yes, it's definitely a great idea for you to pull down on your tank top like that, otherwise how would we get such a glorious view of your world class cleavage?

#4 Exotic and Angry

We are not sure what this hottie is so peeved about, maybe the cameraman is taking some sneak peeks when he shouldn't be. Anything that keeps her tugging at her undies is cool with us.

#5 Asian Fetish is Running High

It is no secret that we have been known to indulge our Asian fetish from time to time, and this Eastern beauty is no exception. The sweatshirt is so Asia it's hilarious.