I See Your Yoga Pants and Raise You Workout Shorts

#1 Yoga Pants Or Workout Shorts?

A debate as old as time itself. Say you want to run out and quickly get some errands taken care of, but you still want to look good. It would seem Yoga Pants have the upper-hand.

#2 Workout Shorts...

But are you really as free as you can be in Yoga Pants? Look at this lady here, doesn't she look relaxed? Couldn't we all be so relaxed?.

#3 Yoga Pants Though

With Yoga Pants you can make a fashion statement. Fun and flirty, or strict and disciplined. Let your pants tell your story!

#4 Yeah, But Workout Shorts...

But with Workout Shorts you can show off your national pride. What, do you hate America?

#5 Yoga Pants though...

Yoga Pants have transcended the realm of mere exercise apparel. You can make a statement and have fun with your workout pants. They're comfortable, and they look good. For years men have dressed in comfortable clothes and looked good doing it, now it's time for women to have that same right. Yoga Pants aren't just pants, they're a sign of empowerment!

#6 Okay, Okay, But Workout Shorts

If you think you look good, put your money where you mouth is and leave nothing to the imagination. Workout Shorts. Wow.