Cat owners 40 percent less likely to have heart attack

—) A study shows that Owning a cat can reduce your risk of heart attack by around 40 percent. Recently a study taken at the University of Minnesota by researchers found that feline-less people were between 30 to 40 percent more likely to die of cardiovascular disease than those with cats

—-) Cat owners found to have less anxiety, cholesterol and blood levels than individuals that do not posses a cat well as less doctor visits.

—) Children who are in a home with cats tend to, on average, miss nine days less of school a year than children who do not live with cats. This is primarily because the immune functionality in a cat owner tends to be more stable which makes them better able to protect off illness. Children who own cats also show more empathy towards others and are willing to assist others. Cats teach children about body language and other non-verbal action as well. Lastly, cat-owning kids are more likely to be interested in sports, hobbies, clubs, and other social activities as well as even having a higher IQ.

—-) A UK study of five hundred cat owners aged over 55 years old revealed:
− 82% found that their cat helped them overcome feelings of stress − 62% said taht cat ownership helped to overcome feelings of loneliness − 75% sometimes preferred to share their feelings with their cat rather than a partner or friend. The survey also looked at hundred cat owners aged 13 years and under: − 80% said their cat helped them get along better with family and friends

− 81% said they would rather chat to their cat about their feelings than to parents or friends − 87% of children regard their cat as a ‘close friend’. Other study surveyed Hundred people aged 20 – 40 years old and showed: − About half of respondents enjoyed a better night’s sleep with their cat on the bed that they did with their partner in the bed during night. − 60% said they could deal with their cat’s bad breath but not their partner’s − 55% would tolerate their cat taking most of the bed covers at night but not their partner doing that.