What does sleeping position say about your personality

Are you a challenge taker or less attention seeker, a stubborn or a nervous personality all these can be judged easily by the postures you take while sleeping. Side turns and twist secretly opens the pages of your behavior book. Today we will discuss about six commons sleeping positions, personality identification and health effects related to them.

Moving on one by one and revealing facts about different sleeping positions.

1.Starfish position: Person sleeping in starfish position is a good listener and makes good friends easily. They are less attention seekers while they like to be in their comfort zone with carefree and free spirited nature.

Health Effect: As they sleep on their back occupying whole bed with hands and legs outstretched they snore more, have breathing problem while sleeping resulting in less refreshing nights.

2. Freefall position: Self centered, stubborn person with nervous personality sleeps in free faller way. They are quick decision maker and are sensitive by heart.

Health Effect:Sleeping on your tummy with arms and legs outstretched and face up, worst sleeping position which results in turbulent sleep and anxious waking. More over such posture puts intense pressure on muscles and joints creating pain and irritation in nerves along with tingling and numbness. It also causes snoring.

3.Soldier position: Soldier position sleepers set very high standards for themselves with reserved, quiet nature.

Health Effect:This sleeping position is best on as they sleep on their back with arms at sides and legs straight but this can also resulting bad night sleep with breathing problems and snoring.

4.Yearner position: They sleep with outstretched arms which say that either it chases their dreams or are being chased up. They are cynical and suspicious too. Once they make their mind they stick to their decisions and never regret on them but they take long time to decide as they repeatedly weighs pros and cons of the thing.

Health Effect:These people suffer from acid reflux disease and sleep apnea as they sleep one sided with legs straight and arms open. For muscles, ligaments and back disks it’s a good position.

5.Log position: Fussy and finicky type people who can never adjust in new situation and always complain are nervous and take long time to decide things are log sleepers. They easily trust people and are cheated easily.

Health Effect:Log is an ok position which keeps spine in neutral position as people sleeps sideways with one leg raised and other straight.

6.Fetal position: Most common sleeping position for stressed sleepers who are tough form outside but shy and sensitive from inside. They are anxious, worried and over analyzing personality which cannot easily mix up with new faces but becomes social and relax sooner.

Health Effect:They face neck and back pain problems as they curled on one side holding pillow. They snore less but make their liver, lungs and stomach stressed by sleeping on left side so one to switch sleeping with a right turn.