10 Interesting facts about dreaming

Dreams are our most common companion when we sleep. Dreams vary according to ones mood our psyche and state of mind and there are several nature of dreams such as exciting,melancholic, magical and frightening. Now we will see some interesting facts related to a new world (dreams or nightmare) during sleeping.

Here are some silly but exciting facts which most of us don’t know related to dreams.

1• Every human see 3-7 dreams in one night and in all we dream about 2-3 hours during whole night.

2• As we wake up mostly 90% of our dreams get lost. There are millions of people who cannot remember what they dreamed when their sleep breaks but some remember due to rapid eye movement process.

3• Dreams and cold weather move in different directions. More the coldness lesser will be the dreams. Dreams are commonly symbolic language and it’s a fact nearly 5000 symbols can be translated by us.

4• Earlier when people watch black and white television they have black and white dreams mostly but now the trend has changed to color dreams as the technology gets advanced.

5• Late night sleepers see more nightmares than early sleeping people.

6• Mostly women’s and men’s dreams in different context. Women’s dream about both gender people, children’s, household and family where as men’s dream about violence,strangers, achievements and especially about men only.

7• Some says it’s possible to dream while you snore. But no facts are found till date.

8• Every living being dream whether it’s human, baby or animals. During very intense sleep animals like dogs show faster foot movement and this is the sign when they dream. In babies case, till 3 three years of age they cannot dreams by themselves.Those who are blind since birth they also have auditory dreams while those who became blind after sometime dreams of what they have seen earlier.

9•Personality disorder people lack dreaming activity. Alcohol, smoking and drug avoiders and quitters dreams intensely and heavily.

10•Seeing something specific in dreams like cakes, chocolates, dirty water, alien etc, have their specific meanings and causes.