A pregnant dog kissed a firefighter after saving her life

A Charlotte firefighter named Jeff Clark and a pregnant red Doberman named Cinnamon, gained worldwide popularity with the photograph snapped by the Observer’s Patrick Schneider during a July 1999 incident that incurred a house fire. Encountered through the Internet wire and services, the picture has shifted people around the world and is an ongoing top republished seller.

Clark had saved Cinnamon her from a fire occurred into dog’s house, saved Dobermanby carrying her into her front yard out of the house, while he kept going to fight the fire. Cinnamon was pregnant. The firefighter was afraid and nervous to save her at first, because he had never encountered a Doberman before.

When the fire was put out by Clark, he sat down and took a breath of relief and thanked to god. A photographer from The Observer, North Carolina newspaper, paid attention to Cinnamon, the red Doberman looking at the fireman. He saw Cinnamon going straight towards Clark and was confused what red Doberman was going to do. As soon as he uplifted his camera, Doberman came running to the tired firefighter who saved her life with her babies, paid gratitude by kissing the firefighter. The firefighter said -We didn’t do anything extraordinary to save the dog. The moment we had a house fire, our major concern was to do a primary search. There was a probability of the presence of people inside the home. The very first concern was life safety. The house was full of smoke and nothing was clearly visible. All that was seen was a Doberman coming out, and the other one was in the backyard of the house. God made these precious animals. The fireman who saved the Doberman is a hero, to those who do not believe that animals cannot feel and understand and love.