A Father Gives His Girls The Best Surprise Before Dying Of Terminal Cancer

Fred Evans is one of those strong persons who faced this disease called as <a Cancerwith courage and always kept his head high against this deadly disease. Cancer is believed to be the one of the major cause of deaths around the globe. For Fred and his wife Karla it was a difficult moment as they had three daughters and a son. Fred decided to give his family a heartwarming and tear-jerking surprise.

Fred decided to walk his girls down the aisle and everybody was emotional by his decision

None of the Fred’s daughters were engaged for marriage but Fred surprised them by conducting a special ceremony.

It was great when Kate and Gracie arrived to walk down the aisle in the church and felt happy when they said their father greeting them dressed in tuxedo.

Fred refused to let cancer steal that special moment from him by arranging that special occasion.

It looked simply amazing when Fred escorted each daughter down the aisle to a different song and made everybody emotional.

It was same occasion for both as they were openly grieving for the loss of their beloved father.

The family celebrated the event with great amount of courage and put up a very brave face in front of everybody.

Then all of a sudden Fred surprised his wife by giving her something…

He renewed his vows by presenting his wife with his own bouquet that drove his wife into tears.

Then they walked down the church by holding their hands together.

In the end it was a promise they shared with other to love each other always.

On 25th July this year Fred lost his battle to cancer but before going away he was able to share this one special moment of eternal love with his family.