10 Places As Mysterious As The Bermudas Triangle

Superstition Mountains

Superstition Mountains are a mountain range situated east of Phoenix, Arizona. It is assumed that once in the 1800s a man named Jacob Waltz found a large goldmine within the mountain range that has since been known as the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine. The original site has never been located even though there have been many expeditions. Some assume the spirits of people died here in search of the gold, still roam the mountains.

South Atlantic Anomaly

The SAA is an area where the wave of radiation known as Earth’s inner Van Allen belt comes closest to the Earth’s surface. It’s an area located near the coast of Brazil and it’s held responsible for technical problems with satellites and spacecraft. It has caused damages to their functioning and initiate shut down. Hubble telescope has also encountered disruptions in its signals while passing over this area.

Lake Anjikuni

Lake Anjikuni was held responsible for mysterious disappearance of an entire village. It took place in the last century when a huntsman named Joe Labelle was seeking a shelter for the night. Labelle was acquainted with the Inuit village. He reached there and found quite an astonishing scene. The inhabitants of village were nowhere to be seen. Every item belonging to them was present with nobody around to take care of or use them for their intended purpose. Items including food and rifles were left behind.

The Devil’s Sea

Devil’s Sea is a part of the Pacific Ocean infested with peculiar happenings as its Atlantic duplicate near Bermuda. Located near the coast of Japan, it’s an area where a large number of claims reporting unexplained happenings such as magnetic anomalies and mysterious lights, have been made over the years.

Bigelow Ranch

It is a 480-acre property in northwest Utah and it is claimed to have witnessed UFO sightings, animal mutilations and other odd incidents. Though peculiar occurrences have been reported since the 50’s, some of the most awful stories were witnessed by a couple of ranchers named Terry and Gwen Sherman, after they bought it in 1994.

Point Pleasant

Point Pleasant is riddled with stories of strange and creepy events. The most popular of these incidents includes a creature known as Moth man, who shocked the small West Virginia community from November 1966 to December 1967.

Michigan Triangle

It is situated in the middle of Lake Michigan. It is the site of strange disappearances of vehicles and aircrafts. Some of the more famous ones include mysterious disappearance of Captain Donner. He vanished on April 28, 1937.

San Luis Valley

Luis Valley in southern Colorado is an area experiencing unexplainable phenomena such as UFO sightings and hundreds of unexplained farm animal mutilations. Nobody has ever been able to logically describe the creepy events that have bewildered the local community.

Bennington Triangle

This is located in southwestern Vermont and has witnessed a series of 5 unexplained disappearances of individuals between1945-1950. These disappearances were connected in no way but being physically present in same area. These include Middie Rivers, who was 75 years old, Paula Weldon an 18 year old sophomore of Bennington College, veteran named James E. Tetford, eight year old Paul Jepson and a woman named Frieda Langer.

Bridgewater Triangle

It is an area covering 200 square miles in Southeastern Massachusetts just south of Boston. It is like an all you can eat buffet of the supernatural. Since the 1970’s, several reports of giant furry creatures roaming around, have been noted. The Bridgewater Triangle is also a hotbed of UFO sightings, thunderbirds, monstrous creatures and crypto zoological happenings.