Shocking Male Celebrity Plastic Surgery

#1 Mickey Rourke

After his three-year boxing career, the fights left Mickey's face disfigured. The actor says he went to the "wrong guy" for his cosmetic work. He had five operations on his nose and had to fix a broken cheekbone.

#2 George Clooney

It's hard to tell if prankster Clooney was serious, but he said in a 2007 interview with Julia Roberts he said he had some work done around his eyes because "I think it's important to look awake."

#3 Simon Cowell

Music mogul Simon Cowell is only rumored to have had a face lift, but admits he loves botox. "To me, botox is no more unusual than toothpaste," he told Glamour magazine. "It works, you do it once a year, who cares?"

#4 Pete Burns

The Dead or Alive singer made a documentary about his botched plastic surgeries and the nightmares surrounding them. He's had his lips injected, cheek implants, several rhinoplasties, and various reconstructive surgeries thereafter. Ouch

#5 Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Wrestler and actor "The Rock"'s body has gone through a cosmetic procedure: gynecomastia correction. Which means he basically had liposuction on his chest because "he thought it was starting to look too big" in 2005.