Hilarious Gun Fails - You Won't Stop Laughing

#1 Staring Down The Barrel Part I

Get people around guns and some are compelled to look into that small lethal hole. Evidently they don't know that "curiosity killed the cat".

#2 'Gunshot' Wedding

Whether she's forcing him to get married or he got fed up with the ceremony, whatever it is, they tore up that church and their guests ran away. Annulment!

#3 Nope... Brand Did Not Gain Weight

AND no this hairy man with guns and ammo is not Russell Brand. . . It's some guy known as "Sexy Man". Go figure?

#4 Staring Down The Barrel Part II

Perhaps this is part of the Russian's military gun cleaning protocol? If not, compulsion with that "small hole" is more lethal than we know.

#5 When A Man ALWAYS Needs His Gun

If you have fear and want to be feared 24/7, then by all means get a rifle that can also scrub your back.