Goth Fashion Disasters

#1 Evil Pet

These kids are stretching out their mom's favorite clothes in an effort to stand out and seem crazy. Crazy hilarious is more like it.

#2 Goth Pancho Villa?

What's with the pink gloves and the rainbow pancho? If you're still laughing at all the contradictions this guy is wearing it's ok. He has a pink handprint on his shirt and his friends have oversized viking toys. This is awesome...err...gothsome.

#3 LOL Olsen Twins!!!

The Olsen twins can't be goth. That's like rule number 1, if you were members of the "Tanner Family" you can't be goth. We already know you're sweethearts with children's albums and matching overalls. The super cute (expensive) heels don't help much either.

#4 Is there an epidemic?

So the respiratory mask has become a "thing" in modern Goth culture but really if you aren't contagious you shouldn't be wearing one. They make you look sick and kinda silly, especially when they are obviously designer.

#5 Motocross Mask

What's this guy trying to make us think? In fact he's a little cuter and less threatening with it on. AWWW CUTIE