Tattoos With Secret Meanings

#1 Dot to Dot

See a lot of three-dot tattoos making a sort of triangle? It represents "Mi Vida Loca" or "my crazy life" and is usually used by Hispanics and often by Hispanic gangs.

#2 Is He Really a Killer?

We've all heard the urban legend. If you have a teardrop tattoo, it means you've killed someone. Sometimes. But not always. Amar'e Stoudemire got his to pay homage to his dead brother. When asked about his teardrop, Lil Wayne, shown here, merely replied, "Lord, forgive me."

#3 Every King Needs His Crown

The five-point crown identifies the wearer as a member of the Latin Kings gang. A.L.K.N. stands for Almighty Latin King Nation.

#4 Like Five on Dice

Go up to five dots and it means something else entirely. The four dots on the outside represent prison wall and the one dot in the center represents the inmate. Therefore the tat represents that the wearer spent time in prison.

#5 Masters of the South

"Sureño" means "southerner" in Spanish and the tat is identified with the Mexican Mafia. The number 13 can identify the letter M and a member of the Mexican Mafia.