Amazing Tattoo Cover-Ups

#1 A Bouquet Blooms

The floral bouquet used as a cover-up design is bold in size, and it certainly doesn't show a hint of the old tattoo underneath! It could be that there's more pigmentation to come in the future.

#2 The Prince who turned into a Frog

We can slightly see the old tat and name "Gene" in the new green area where frog sits, but this cover-up idea alone is brilliant .. you know it's been flashed about to mutual friends!

#3 The Pharaoh

It makes sense to have the option to cover-up old tats because of fading and after they've grown out of favor. King Tut here is not only well done, but more exciting than what came before.

#4 Flora and Fauna revisited

Overall this new tat is a more balanced in color and design. It's perfect when the old pigment has coloring that's similar but lighter than the new.

#5 Incorporating an old design I

This is so clever! The old animal footprints really adds to the new tat and vice versa. The paisley elements are well done and almost look like fabric design. LOVE!