Funniest Spring Break Fails

#1 Professor Party

There is always that old professor who does not know where the line between college educator and college student exists. He's not always the heartthrob of the faculty, but there's some mystique and charm that make him the life of the party.

#2 Spring Break Done Right

This is a sight any mother can e proud of. If you're going to go to the sunny parts of the country for spring break you better get the underside of your legs tan too!

#3 Floating Doll

There is something downright creepy about this

#4 Spring Herpes Fever

I've got a fever, and the only cure is more g-string and herpes. Yep, it sounds like spring break is rolling around.

#5 Just 4 Guyz in a Hot Tub, NBD

Some may call these panties homoerotic or a bit too feminine for men to be rocking, but we see them as the ultimate sign of heterosexual comfort and bro-ship.