WTF! Russian High School Graduation is Outrageous

#1 Grown Ass Children

Russian youth seem to do whatever the hell they please, and that includes riding on shoulders and puffing cancer sticks like it is their job. Young, wild, and free we guess. Yes, it's graduation day to boot

#2 When in Russia

Apparently you should dress up like a milk maiden? What else would be appropriate to wear to the first real graduation of your young Rusky life?

#3 Work the Pole

Only Russia has a national ordinance calling for improvised stripper poles to be installed in every fountain. How else are the ladies going to train for their future profession?

#4 Brews and Gowns

What makes the walk across the stage to get your diploma less nerve wracking is a few suds and a buzz, Russians know best.

#5 In Russia, Life's a Party

In America, it is not completely rare for kids to get a little tipsy before graduation, but it is called the AFTER party for a reason, these kids throw their kegger BEFORE the ceremony starts, interesting.