The Happiest Countries in the World

#1 Happy Danes!
Denmark turns to be the best country to live in, at least in respect to the rate of happiness among its inhabitants. The reasons for that are various. They include gender equality, feeling responsible for one another, healthcare as a civil right, support for parents and that biking is a norm.

#2The Sunburnt Continent

Australia tends to keep its title of a very happy but not very productive country. However, the economic level is still high and even despite the amount of migrants, Australia stays one of the most welcoming and friendly countries around the globe.

#3 Freezing Norway Turns to Be One of the Happiest Countries around the Globe

Despite the cold, Norwegians are happy to live near the mountains where it’s just so beautiful! Thanks to oil exportation, Norway has the one of the highest standards of living in the world. However, it will be quite pricy to go there as a tourist if you don’t get paid in the Nordic country. 

#4 Everybody Is Happy When Everything Works

Swedes adore heavy metal, smiling at strangers, and appreciation of each warm day. Such a day is a rare treasure for the Swedish citizens. Also, they enjoy their freedom, family benefits for children and an organized society. Everything just works out there!

#5 New Zealand

Older people are usually happy with their life in New Zealand and that’s not a surprise as the climate out there is just perfect. Young people tend to go to the closest big countries such as Australia or the United States for a visit, but they still love their own country.