Modern Architecture you Didn't Know Existed from Around the World

Designed a residential building in the gorgeous city of Mumbai in India, the owner is the richest man in India named Mukesh Ambani. This is like the tower in the shape of the symbol ohms (Ω). Is designed spaces for swimming pools geometric dynamic manner, these pools corrugated and uneven shape. Rooms have balconies overlooking is considered part of the apartment!! .

In describing the architects of the tower, said that this apartment building breaks the limits of design and challenges architectural difficult and calling him a miracle of architectural huge by any standards with unique features, a height of 140 meters, includes 30 floors of residential units with more than 200 apartments, and includes a three floors of parking, equipped gym and sauna, theater and a grand ballroom, and also includes 3 landing pads for helicopters. Bandra Ohm says that this building is designed to create and provide a luxurious living environment.