Biggest Cosplay Fails Ever

#1 Anime Girl

Well this woman thought she could wow the crowd with this cool kawaii anime outfit. Unfortunately she may have just ruined anime for all of us

#2 Ruining Starwars

This totally ruined starwars for us

#3 Fantasy Is Better?

There is a reason fantasy exists

#4 Mario

Wait, what. Does have a plunger in his hand? Wow! Total fail

#5 Kurenai

Kurenai Yuhi is a character from the Japanese mange series Naruto and is the leader of a group of illusionists. This lady must have thought the powers of illusion would cross over from her television, but theres no illusion here, this is not Kurenai. Kurenai is particularly fit and has a well defined jaw-line which should have been task number 1 in this attempt at cosplay. Who knows? As a master illusionist, though, this could be Kurenai pulling a fast one on us.