Things That People Would Never Like To Know About Their Favorite Foods

Greek Yogurt Manufacturing Process produces million tons of toxic wastes

One ounce of creamy Greek yogurt is produced from 3-4 ounces of milk and the rest part is acid whey. This whey is a waste product that takes away oxygen from rivers and streams and would destroy aquatic life.

Retail Orange Juice Is processed with Artificial Flavor

Orange Juice that is sold in the retail stores are blended with artificial flavors. These added flavors are derived from orange oil extract so it is not listed in the ingredients list.

Vegetarian burgers are much more toxic than beef patties

Almost all veg burgers sold at retail stores are made of soy protein isolate. The defatted soy flour that is left after soy oil is separated from it is grounded into flour with the help of hexane. Hexane is one of the components of natural gas, gasoline and crude oil.

Preparation of Conventional milk

Cows are fed with genetically modified grains and are injected with hormones. The milk from these cows is heated at high temperature, homogenized, pasteurized and packed and we buy this milk from the stores.Canned soups are flavored with MSG

Most of the canned soups are flavored with MSG though in the pouch they mention that it is free from MSG. Most of the manufacturers refer MSG as natural and mention it as yeast extract or hydrolyzed proteins.

Most of the ice creams get thickened and stabilized with toxic ingredients

Ice creams are added with toxic ingredients to prevent them from destabilizing. These toxic agents are sodium benzoate, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate, soy lecithin etc.

Hot Dogs have sticky mixture of mechanically separated chicken, pork, fats and starch

The red or light brown hot dogs sold in the retail stores do not have red meat instead 60% of it is made with mechanically recovered chicken and rest with pork. Most of the hot dogs have starch, milk protein, sodium nitrite, high fructose corn syrup, sodium ascorbate and carmine.

Many Olive Oils “Extra virgin” are made of cheaper oils

Many oil produces adulterate the olive oil labeled as “extra virgin” with the oil extracts of cheaper soy, sunflower seed or hazelnut. They do it to make greater profit and “extra virgin” olive oils are much expensive.

Red and pink food products are dyed with crushed insect bodies

The food products that are pink and red in color are often given the color with cochineal extract, tiny crushed insect bodies.

Shredded Cheese has refined wood pulp

To prevent shredded cheese from sticking, it is packed with refined wood pulp. This is also used for making icecream thicker or to thicken salad dressing. As it is made of plant fiber it is labeled as organic product.