Mother of Plastic Surgery

There’s a lot of pressure on celebrities to look young and fabulous (even if they already are young and fabulous). Sometimes, it seems as though getting plastic surgery in Hollywood is as common as riding the subway in New York. But as often as you hear horror stories of botched liposuction or rhinoplasty gone wrong, we have to admit that these stars look much improved after going under the knife.

Pamela Anderson has copped to having several boob jobs over the years, dramatically transforming her bust size. Recently, Pam has been accused of getting a little nip and tuck done on her face as well.

To paraphrase Dolly Parton, looking that cheap, well, isn’t cheap. She’s spent plenty getting work done on her face — and her famously ample chest. “I look at myself like a show dog. I’ve got to keep her clipped and trimmed and in good shape,” she’s said.

But Donatella’s looks are constantly changing — and we don’t just mean her clothing lines. Perhaps she should have told her doctor to “Get out!” It’s no secret that fashionista Donatella Versace has gotten a little work done over the years. The designer, who has copped to getting only Botox, recently tried to attribute her “youthful look” to an extensive beauty regiment. “I’m not like this genetically,” she admitted.”I use tons of cream and take care of my hair and skin.”

Jocelyn Wildenstein earned her nickname “the cat woman” after undergoing more than $4 million dollars worth of surgeries to look like a feline for her husband! Facelifts, lip augmentation, breast augmentation, eyebrow lifts are just a few of the procedures she has endured over the years.

Demi Lovato spoke with Miami’s Y100 radio backstage at Jingle Ball 2013 on Friday (Dec. 20) and was forced to answer a very “naughty” question.

The 21-year-old picked a question out of the Santa hat that read: “You were picked to give one celebrity plastic surgery. Who would it be and what type of surgery?” Though she first refused to answer, saying, “I shouldn’t even think this,” Lovato then jokingly replied: “It should be me! I should get a boob job. They’re like mosquito bites.”