Epic photoshop fails

Imagine opening up a Facebook or Twitter account & in your haste to impress everyone you post this photo? FAIL! This has got to be by far one of the biggest epicphotoshop fails ever. What was this kid thinking? Who was he going to fool with this editing? But wait.. It could be him really. NOT. Next time learn photoshop first buddy!

Photoshop. Sometimes it doesn’t go quite as planned… Which is why it is so fun to laugh at Photoshop fails!

We’ve written a lot about photoshop fails before, but those mistakes were all made by people who are supposed to be professionals. Now that everyone knows that basically every ad or magazine cover is super photoshopped, a lot of people at home thought:

What they can do, I can do too. And lucky for us, that lead to quite a few hilarious photoshop fails.