Celebrities that look like animals

They say people tend to look like their pets, but for some stars, the similarities are truly uncanny. So does your favorite celeb have a wild kingdom doppelganger?

Hollywood is full of celebrity doppelgangers (and not just their wax dolls). Some resemblances are mind-blowing and we can’t look away, much like our obsession with online baby animal pictures. That got us thinking …

… which celebrities have adorable animal doppelgangers? We investigate this dangerously cute endeavor.
Lets see..   Lady Gaga is known for her ridiculous outfits and peculiar lifestyle. Here she looks much like a Chinese Crested dog. Though most small dogs look lovely this one won the ugliest dogs contest. Bravo, Lady Gaga!

Cher likes changing her looks. With white and sleek hair, she resembles an Afghan hound, but this does not lessen her elegance and natural charm.

It is incredible how much Wallace Shawn (known for his role in “The Princess Bride”) resembles a smiling sea lion. Both pictures cause tenderness. Have you ever seen such kind eyes before?