Awkwardest Facebook Photos

People would just put up anything and everything that they encountered in their sorry ass lives along with proof that it indeed is their life being photographed and use it as their display picture.So much so that we have grandpa’ s putting up their selfies,with pouting lips and the whole deal as their display picture!

 Lot of funny people on facebook , who post many type of fun stuff and many other thing that will make anyone feel awkwardest. Because there’s no better place to put your awkwardest pictures than for the whole world to see on the internet, we present the awkwardest Facebook pictures ever.

1# RIP grand grandma! Then off to prom! Are you serious? Or is this the sickest joke ever?

2# posing emotionally with my uncle on his special day xoxo. Ok,enough internet for today.

3# I sucked a massive “banana” today with extra mayonaise. Well,what can we say,good job girl.

4# Another moment i will never forget. Yeah,i’m sure you won’t.

5#  Does anyone know how to wash cum out of your hair? Oh darling,not the right question to ask.