The man who lived 256 Year

Wisdom of Li Ching-Yuen, The man who lived 256 Year

Li Ching-Yuen was a Chinese herbalist, martial artist and tactical advisor, had 23 wives and raised more than 200 children.
He lived off a diet of herbs and rice wine which includes wild reishi, goji berry, wild ginseng, he shou su, and gotu kola.

When he died in 1933, all newspapers around the world covered the news of his death.
According to him the secret to longevity was based on a simple principle to Keep a quiet heart, Sit like a tortoise and Sleep like a dog.
Do not Eat Bad Things
Li Chung-Yuen did not say this, but he did follow it. He ate herbs and was also made his living for his first 100 years selling herbs.
Tranquil Mind:
Have tranquil thoughts. We all know how harmful stress can be on the body, so meditate.
Sit without the stressful television blaring, or the radio, or that popular music.
Sit still, and relax. Breathe deeply whenever possible.
Walk Sprightly Like a Pigeon:
Walk briskly, take definitive steps, and feel your body advancing over the earth. Don't slouch or creep or crawl, but walk with purpose, with your head high and your posture straight.
Sit like a Tortoise:
A tortoise sits very calmly, which can be linked to having a tranquil mind.
When you sit, sit. Don't jerk your knees, shake your hips, bite your cheeks or tighten your buttocks.
Sleep like a Dog:
When a dog sleeps, it really sleeps. It puts its entire 'self' into that sleep, and as a human, we should too. Let your body repair itself. When you close your eyes, fall into yourself, forget all worries as you can, and give yourself a break.

According to his own testimony, he was 197 years old. However, the official government record showed his date of birth to be 1677, making him 256 years old.

Here is a copy of the obituary as reported in the New York Times May 6, 1933: ”Peiping, May 5 – Li Ching-Yuen, a resident of Kaihsien in Sichuan province, who according to his own admission was one of the oldest persons on earth, born on 1736, which would give him 197 years