The Most Stunning Places On The Planet

Antelope Canyon, Utah
Perhaps you've already seen this amazing view? Its unique rock coloring, sandstone formations and ambient light are magical! John Crossley at says, that Antelope Canyon is the "most visited and photographed slot canyon in the region". Located on Navajo Nation land, it's now a Navajo Tribal Park.

Autumn In Japan

Two of the most stunning seasons in Japan are autumn and spring. Autumn months are called "kouyou" in Japanese, which literally means red leaves. Janek-Sedlar's photograph here captures a maple tree in the height of the season before leaves begin to fall. Japan's popular autumn destinations include Nikko, Kamakura, Hakone, Daisetsuzan mountains and more!

Ruby Falls, Tennessee

This high waterfall is found in an underground limestone cave within Lookout Mountain, near Chattanooga City. The cave to Ruby Falls originally had no entrance, but in 1928 it was discovered through a manmade opening originally intended to bring tourists to another destination called the Lookout Mountain Cave. Lookout Mountain itself is now a National Historic Landmark, and it's filled with a series of spectacular caverns.

Botswana, Southern Africa

Photographer, Michael Sheridan has captured the quintessential dream of an African safari! It's a wild adventure spying upon elephants profiled against a fiery sunset. Botswana is mostly drylands with 70% being the Kalahari Desert. Little water exists there and one can only imagine its intrinsic value to these elephants.

Japanese Garden: Portland, Oregon

Photographer, Tom Schwabel's shot of a Japanese Garden in Portland is magical! He was in the right place at the right time in October, when this maple became alive with autumn colors. The tree is only 6 feet tall but you'd never know it, right?! Schwabel went under its canopy in order to capture the magnificent barrage of fiery reds!

Greenland's Antarctic Ice Sheet

The Ice Sheet glacier surrounds terrain and covers about 80% of Greenland's surface, also it's the world's second largest ice sheet. Greenland's amazing landscape of ice supports a population of about 57K. Isn't this shot astounding, especially as it shows the underwater side of the iceberg? Somehow it appears very stoic!

Aurora: Kiruna, Sweden

Auroras are also known as the Northern Lights. Photographer Antony Spencer practically froze with temperatures around -25 to capture this shot, that's what we call an, "artistic dedication", and it was worth it! Aren't the silhouettes of the trees both haunting and beautiful against the dance of color? So Awesome!

Purple Lilac Forest

Lonely forests wouldn't be so intimidating if they were all this beautiful. Goes to show how much of a difference a field of lilies can make. What kind of creatures do you think live in this enchanted forest? Pixies, mostly pixies we assume.

Lavender Fields, France

Perhaps the industry of lavender and potion making is similar to grapes and wine, as there are no others like the French who can take it to the level of being an art form. The lavender fields of Provence are simply dreamlike in their purple haze of blooms. One can only imagine the fragrance in the air! Beautiful.

Matterhorn: Switzerland

Switzerland, is home to the majestic Matterhorn mountain. Do you recognize it? Matterhorn mountain is what the infamous speeding sled ride at Disneyland is emulating. The real Matterhorn borders between Switzerland and Italy in the Pennine Alps, and it's the highest peak in the Alps!