Nikola Tesla-The Man who gave greatest 10 inventions that changed the world!

Nikola Tesla was born in Serbia. He was an inventor, electrical-mechanical engineer, physicist and a futurist. He was best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) supply system. Tesla changed the dynamics of the planet in certain ways that no one else did.

1. Alternating Current

He installed the lighting systems based on DC power system of Edison. In his free time, he experimented with the design of AC motor. After two years, Tesla shifted to the New York City, the Edison Machine Works.

2. Light

The Tesla Coil was certainly a boom to big industries and they would like to accept the idea that the Earth itself is a magnet that can generate electricity utilizing frequencies like a transmitter. Receiver like a radio was needed at the other end.

3. X-rays

Ionizing radiation and Electromagnetic was studied deeply in1800s, moreover Tesla researched the entire gamut on his own. X-rays came out from his belief that every single thing in our surroundings is around us .we need to encounter them into our minds .x-rays were one them.

4. Radio

The frequency of radio signals needs a receiver and transmitter, which Tesla demonstrated in The National Electric Light Association presentation in 1893. Tesla applied for two patents in 1897. The radio was invented by Tesla some years previous to Marconi.

5. Remote Control

The invention of remote control was a natural outcome of radio. The first remote controlled model boat with patent no. 613809 were demonstrated in 1898. With the contribution of remote control, we now can see its implementation that was incorporated by the army in its remote controlled war.

6. Electric Motor

By car brandishing Tesla’s name, his invention of the electric motor was finally been considered a boom. With rotating magnetic field, Tesla’s invention of an electric motor helped humanity. However, this 1930’s invention gave a decrease to the economic crisis.

7. Robotics

All living beings are driven by externally linked impulses was a scientific idea given by Tesla’s mind. The evolution of the robot was started. An element of the human remained present, as Tesla stated that these robots should have certain limitations including propagation and growth.

8. Laser

One of the best examples of the good and evil tied up together within the constraints of man was Tesla’s invention of the laser. With the help of invention of lasers, surgical applications have got an exceptional boon which ultimately gave rise to digital media. Laser also made us step into the fictional land.

9-10. Wireless Communications and Limitless Free Energy

The two inventions are very deeply linked, as they were the last scope of power elite. Nikola Tesla transmitted the data virtually free of charge. With the release of Nikola Tesla’s technical and scientific research highlighting his research into using electricity from the ionosphere using Wardenclyffe signifies a great step towards freedom of information.